Invited Talks


Empowering your potential

Advisory Council for Women (ACW) at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) NASA, Keynote Speaker
Pasadena, CA, March 25, 2016


de la femme's "breaking the glass ceiling in stem disciplines"

The Broad Institute, Keynote Speaker
Cambridge, MA, November 9, 2015


Empowering your potential

IEEE Women in Engineering Summit, Keynote Speaker
Philadelphia, PA, November 7, 2015


Inspiring innovation

Intel Corporation, Keynote Speaker
Hudson, MA, October 20, 2015


Nerd Girls, Math Moves You

Middlesex Community College, Keynote Speaker
November 2, 2014


“Real World Engineering Using MATLAB”

October 7, 2014


“Change the World: Inspiring Future Engineers”

Dana Hall
Wellesley, MA, September 9, 2014


“Beyond the Pink Aisle- Cool, Creative Ways, Inspiring Girls in STEM”

USA Science and Engineering Festival, Speaker
Washington, D.C., April 27, 2014


“Inspiring Innovation”

IEEE Integrated STEM Education Conference (ISEC 2014), Keynote
March 8, 2014


Empowering Nerd Girls

Brearley School
New York City, NY, February 21, 2014


USA Science Festival 

St. Gertrude High School, Nifty Fifty Speaker
Virginia, December 10, 2013


Nerd Girls, Math Moves You

Middlesex Community College, Invited Speaker
November 17, 2013


IEEE Women in Engineering Annual Meeting

Portland, OR, August 2013


Order of the Sons of Italy 58th Annual Scholarship Awards

Invited Speaker
May 19, 2013


IEEE WIE/Google, Enhancing the Sustainability of Women in Technology

January 23, 2013


Math Moves You

Middlesex Community College, Keynote Speaker
October 21, 2012


USA Science Festival

Madeira School, Nifty Fifty Speaker
Virginia, April 12, 2012


Microsoft Digigirlz Camp

Keynote Speaker
Cambridge, MA, March 30, 2012


Tri-Cities Engineers Week Banquet

Engineer of the Year Award Presentation, Keynote Speaker
Pasco, WA, February 24, 2012


IEEE Milestone Presentation to MIT Lincoln Labs

Opening Speaker
December 8, 2011


Society of Women Engineers

Tufts University, Keynote Speaker
October 18, 2011


Boston University Career Night

November 10, 2010


IEEE Women in Engineering Phased Array Conference Reception

October 12, 2010


IEEE Region 1 Industry Day

Evening Keynote Speaker
Portsmouth, NH, September 25, 2010


IEEE Region 1 Northeast Industry Day

September 24, 2010


National Science Foundation Center For Energy-Efficient Ultra-Dense Computing

University of Michigan, Speaker
Ann Arbor, MI, September 14, 2010


“Fostering Better Use of the Talent Pool of Women in Engineering and Science”

IEEE 2009 Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference (NSS/MIC)
Orlando, FL, October 28, 2009


IEEE Women in Engineering Professional Development Seminar

Keynote Speaker
White Plains, NY, September 25, 2009


Microsoft Digigirlz Camp

Keynote Workshop Speaker
North Carolina, June 2009


“Kids to College”

Rockport Middle School
April 15, 2009


Engineering with a Global Perspective

Society of Women Engineers
April 4, 2009


Fourth Annual Women’s Leadership Conference

Wentworth Institute of Technology, Keynote Speaker
March 21, 2009


Society of Women Engineers

Professional Night
Boston, MA, February 19, 2009


Society of Women Engineers Region F Conference



“Engineering and the Community”

Boston University 2008 Engineering Distinguished Alumni Awards
Boston, MA, November 2008


Women in EECS Luncheon

University of Central Florida, Keynote Speaker
October 30, 2008


Minority Women Engineering Day

Delta Academy
April 10, 2008


IEEE RFID Conference

Las Vegas, NV, April 2008


Envision 2020 Exhibit

Women at Work Museum, Keynote Speaker
March 19, 2008


Envision - Women Engineers

Women at Work Museum, Keynote Speaker
March 19, 2008


Envision - Women Engineers

Attleboro High School, Keynote Speaker
March 19, 2008


IEEE Sections Congress 2008

Women in Engineering
Quebec City, Canada, 2008


Order of the Engineer, Ring Ceremony

Boston University, Keynote Speaker
February 22, 2008


National Academy of Engineering Diversity Forum

Boston, MA, February 14, 2008


IEEE Congress

Chennai, India, January 2008


Government of Dubai

Silicon Oasis Authority
January 2008


FIRST Robotics

Keynote Speaker
Nashua, NH, December 4, 2007


International Joint Conference on Neural Networks

Women in Computational Intelligence Keynote Speaker
Orlando, FL, August 17, 2007


IEEE Power Engineering Conference

Orlando, FL, 2007


IEEE Radar Conference

Boston, MA, April 17 2007


IEEE Women in Engineering Conference

University of New Hampshire, Keynote Speaker
April 10, 2007


IEEE Women in Engineering Forum

Melbourne, Australia, March 2007


“Renewable Energy Systems on Thacher Island”

Clean Cities of Massachusetts
Boston, MA, January 30, 2007


The Massachusetts Conference for Women

Session: The Next Generation of Global Architects
Boston, MA, December 14, 2006


“Walks of Life Career Panel”

Society of Women Engineers
Medford, MA, December 12, 2006


“Connecting Ideas with Actions and Inspiring Change”

Build Boston Conference, Women in Design, Session: Degrees of Connections, World Trade Center
Boston, MA, November 14, 2006


“Running Through the Finish Line: Experiences from the Nerd Girl Engineering Project”

MACOM/ Tyco Electronics Professional Women’s Network Distinguished Speaker Seminar
Lowell, MA, November 10, 2006


“Women in Transport: Visualizing Complex Data Sets from NASA Shuttle Missions”

Defining the Decade Exhibit, Women at Work Museum
Attleboro, MA, November 4, 2006


“Art, Engineering and Alternative Energy”

Dream it! Design it! Exhibit, Women at Work Museum
Attleboro, MA, August 2, 2006


“Solar Energy Engineering”

SolarNow Inc., Greenergy Park Renewable Energy Fair
Beverly, MA, July 2006


“The Nerd Girls: Breaking the Stigmas and Stereotypes of Women in Engineering and Science”

Women at Work Museum
June 13, 2006


“Everyday Engineering”

Girls and Technology, Rockport Public School
Medford, MA, April 12, 2006


Welch Elementary School

Peabody, MA, February, 2006


“Engineering for Everyone”

Peabody Public Schools, Welch Middle School
January 2006


“Visualization versus Animation”

Peabody Public Schools, West Middle School
January 2006


Burke School

Peabody, MA, December 21, 2005


West Memorial School

Peabody, MA, December 2005


“Renewable Energy Engineering Solutions for Remote Environments”

Thacher Island Association
Rockport, MA, April 2005


“Renewable Energy Designs for Thacher Island”

Clean Cities of Massachusetts, Department of Energy Resources
Boston, MA, February 2005


“Renewable Energy and Engineering”

Sandwich Public Schools
Sandwich, MA, February 2005.


“Girls in Engineering”

Woodward School for Girls
Quincy, MA, January 2005


Clean Cities: Department of Energy Resources

Keynote Speaker


Massachusetts Guidance Symposium for Engineering and Engineering Technology Conference

Boston Museum of Science
Cambridge, MA, November 10, 2005


“Visualization of NASA Data”

Rockport Educational Foundation, Keynote Speaker
April 24, 2004


Tufts University First Year Scholars Program



“What Engineers Do”

Malden Middle School Outreach Program
April 2, 2004


“What Engineers Do”

Malden Middle School Outreach Program 
April 16, 2004


“Inventing the Binary Box for teaching Digital Communications”

NSF PSET Project
March 2004


Larz Anderson Auto Museum: The Museum of Transportation

Brookline, MA, September 2003


Society of Women Engineers, Sports Engineering Workshop for Girls

May 2003


“Engineers, Ready to Take on any Feat!” 

Girls Inc., Smart Conference, Keynote Speaker
April 2003


“NASA Joint Ventures for Engineering Education”

American Society of Engineering Education and NASA
Virginia, April 2003


“Engineers Changing the World!”

“Girls Get Set!” Program, Discovery Museum
July 26, 2002


Educator’s Open House

Discovery Museum
Acton, MA, July 26, 2002


“Animation for Engineering and Science”

Somerville Middle School Outreach Program
July 19, 2002


“Multimedia and Engineering”

Tufts University First Year Scholars Program
July 17, 2002


“Animation for Technical Communications”

Association for Women in Computing
April 25, 2002


“The Real World: Industry Perspectives on Engineering Careers”

Society of Women Engineers
April 5, 2002


Runkle School

Brookline, MA, November 1, 2002


“CAREER Awardees Workshop”

National Science Foundation, Invited Presenter


“Multilevel Concurrent Simulation”

Boston University, College of Engineering


“Adding Multimedia to the Curriculum: Issues and Approaches”

Syllabus Conference
July 1998


NASA JOVE Conference

Guest Speaker
Cocoa Beach, FL, 1998


Eta Kappa Nu Induction Ceremony

Keynote Speaker


Society of Women Engineers

Keynote Speaker


“Stimulating Simulating”

University of Lowell, Electrical Engineering Department


Girls in Engineering NSF Summer Program

Keynote Speaker


Tufts University Sixth Annual Teaching Conference

Speaker and Organizer, Multimedia Workshop


Tau Beta Pi Induction Ceremony

Keynote Speaker